Arm Bar Soap

We verkopen deze stukken zeep aan 12 euro/stuk. De zeep bestaat in een tiental varianten, gaat super lang mee en wordt gemaakt van natuurlijke producten. De zeep is anti-bacterieel en weegt 133gram. Een stevig stuk zeep dus.

The Rainbow Warrior Batch (200-001)

Over the rainbow and across the Atlantic, we searched both near and far to harness the powerful ingredients worthy of our latest fungus fighting blend.  The main ingredient of this batch, Niaouli Oil, is a direct relative of Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), and grows wild on the island of Madagascar.  Characterized by it’s anti-fungal + anti-microbial properties, it is widely used for its ability in killing gram-positive bacteria.  Next, from the island of Hawai’i aka “The Big Island”, we sourced a healthy amount of ‘Ohi’a Lehua White Honey, a very special variation only harvested in Hawai’i by small privately owned apiaries and produced in very limited quantities. The naturally high viscosity of the Honey helps to provide a protective barrier, preventing infection and further stimulating quick wound-healing.  We then added yet another tier of antibacterial power with the addition of organic, California-grown Oregano oil and O’ahu-grown Kukui Nut oil (which also helps to rehydrate the skin). This is quickly followed up with a splash of fatty-acid rich, Almond Oil, which lends its sweet scent to the batch.  Next, Aloe Vera Extract is infused to reduce inflammation while a generous pour of Champagne Extract is added, whose antioxidant richness has proven to be 20 to 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E. These Rainbow Warriors are finally rounded off with Menthol Crystals, designed to re-open pores and allow our bacteria fighting recipe inside to deep cleanse.  Meanwhile, Crushed Rainbow Sea Sponge is sprinkled in to help exfoliate away any dead skin acquired during heavy training.

The Northern Knight Batch (200-002)

A trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in early 2018 led us to a Farmers Market (Marché Jean Talon) and subsequently a local soap bar that would inspire our latest After-Training Soap creation - “The Northern Knight Batch” - a powerful bacteria destroyer infused with antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients from the Northern hemisphere. 

A “Maple Syrup Soap Bar” - coaxed our curiosity and further research would lead us to learning of the 54 compounds within the sweet substance containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  We’ve also added in two other sticky substances - Canadian Honey and Organic Pine Tar, whose piney scents and antiseptic properties paired well with the Pine needle oil we also sourced from Canada.  Another major ingredient in this batch is fresh Dragon’s Blood Extract - a crimson resin (lending its color to the bar) that has been used to heal wounds, both internally and externally, since the 1600’s.  We’ve also added in a 3-oil concoction of bacteria-killing Himalayan Cedar Wood, Phenol-charged Oregano, and our signature high-grade Australian Tea Tree.  A mineral-rich Alaskan Glacial Mud was then blended in to pull impurities from the skin while Marshmallow Root crumbs were infused to both moisturize and exfoliate any dead skin acquired during heavy training.  Winter is coming...

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Canadian Bee Honey, Australian Tea Tree Oil

The Cocoa Batch (200-003)

Infused with our custom fungus-fighting 5-oil blend to combat any mat born bacteria, The Cocoa Batch also comes with a healthy amount of ... yes… moisturizing Cocoa Butter and Oatmeal crumbs to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin after those tough training sessions. 

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil.

The Peppermint Batch (200-004)

High levels of cooling Peppermint oil open up the pores and allows the rest of our fungus-fighting oils to thoroughly cleanse the skin of any mat funk picked up after a heavy training session.  Each bar also comes loaded with walnut shell bits to gently exfoliate the skin and moisturizing Shea Butter.

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil

The Hawaiian Batch (200-005)

The Hawaiian Batch is infused with Lavender Oil from Maui, Noni Juice from Kaua'i, exfoliating Kona Coffee from the Big Island, and moisturizing Kuku'i Nut Oil from O'ahu. Combined with the rest of our original fungus-fighting oil blend, we give you a true grapplers soap bar in honor of our native homeland.  Spread Aloha - Not Ringworm

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil

The Milk n’ Honey Batch (200-006)

Infused with Organic Goat's Milk and local Santa Barbara Honey that is extracted by hand, we also blended in anti-bacterial Lemon Oil and anti-inflammatory Rosemary Oil.  Each bar is also sprinkled with a dash of exfoliating Poppy Seeds.

Other active natural ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric

The Açaí Batch (200-007)

We combined the antioxidant-rich super fruit with fresh organic Bananas, organic Yogurt and moisturizing Shea Butter.  This batch is also infused with an infection fighting blend of Tea Tree and Orange Peel essential oils, and a healthy helping of Oatmeal to aid in exfoliation while the

other ingredients nourish and cleanse your skin.

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil

The Cornelius Concoction (200-008)

This bar is infused with rare Manuka oil, which can only be found on the east cape of New Zealand’s North Island and has 20-30 times more bacterial/fungal fighting properties than Australian Tea Tree oil.  The soap is made black with the ash of Cacao Pods and Plantain peels. 

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Ground Cinnamon, Aloe Vera Juice, Bentonite Clay, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil

The Coal-Conut Batch (200-009)

Of course, we could not call this The Coal-Conut Batch without including every part of the Coconut; from it’s anti-bacterial oil extracts, to the purifying ash of it’s shell, all the way to the exfoliating bits of shredded meat and husk.  This batch is also infused with juices, oils, and butters of fruits like Guava, Lilikoi, Pineapple and Mango.

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Activated Coconut Charcoal, and Kukui Nut Oil.

The Vanilla Gorilla Batch (200-010)

The Vanilla Gorilla Batch is infused with three ingredients, in particular, that are directly sourced from farms on both Tahiti and Moorea; the vitamin rich Tahitian Vanilla Extract, Mono'i Oil (Tiare flowers steeped in extra-virgin coconut oil),  and Tamanu Oil (extracted from a Polynesian nut used to treat wounds, and prevent infection).

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Rainbow Sea-Sponge, Patchouli Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil

The Kaminari Batch (200-011)

Purifying Yuzu juice and detoxifying Sasanishiki rice water are blended with an anti-fungal combo of Japanese bamboo charcoal and Tsubaki oil. Each bar also contains Matcha Tea Powder sourced from the Ippudo Tea farm in Kyoto.  Matcha Tea is a natural antibiotic and rich in Chlorophyll which naturally stimulates the wound healing process. Crushed Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Green Tea leaves are added to gently exfoliate your skin.

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Lemon Oil, Neem Oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil

The Lava-Puhi Batch (200-012)

We blended purifying Black Lava rock salt sourced from the Big Island with skin-clarifying Giant and Chocolate Awapuhi Zingiber strains from O'ahu. Organic, vitamin-rich Papaya juice and Taro root extract were also added along with a detoxifying, Alaea red clay from Maui, which has been used for centuries in Hawai’i to extract impurities from wounds. 

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Macadamia Nut Oil, Maui Lavender Leaves, Kaua'i Coffee Grounds, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Ground Hawaiian Turmeric ('Ōlena), Coconut Oil